Guantanamera Cristales

Brand: Guantanamera
Flavour: Light
Vitola: Cristales
Length: 5 7/8 Inches (150mm)
Ring Gauge: 41

Crafted using machine-made techniques with short-filler Cuban tobacco, the Guantanamera Cristale might appear deceptively substantial despite its slightly under six-inch length. Encased in individual plastic tubes, it offers a light-bodied smoking experience, comes pre-cut for convenience, and remains budget-friendly. These qualities contribute to its popularity, particularly among occasional smokers who enjoy its easy accessibility, making it a favoured option for events like weddings and other special occasions.

Guantanamera are short filler machine-made cigars produced in Cuba using 100% Cuban tobacco harvested from plantations in the Vuelta Arriba and Vuelta Abajo regions of the island. The cigars encapsulate the very essence of Cuba with their authentic rich flavours and aromas and represent great value for money. Guantanamera was the first new Cuban brand of the 21st century and was inspired by the island’s music and fiestas, suitably taking its name from the famous Cuban song composed by Joseíto Fernández.