How to Light a Cigar?

Never remove the band before lighting a cigar. To do so risks damaging the delicate wrapper leaf.

Always use an odourless flame such as a butane gas lighter, match or cedar spill.

Never use a candle or petrol lighter as they will taint the taste of the cigar.

Always remember to take your time when lighting a cigar. Customers generally do not complain if lighting a cigar takes a few minutes but they will certainly let you know if it is lit badly.

Let the tip of the flame play on the face of the cigar.

Rotate the cigar between thumb and forefinger until it is evenly lit. This may take a minute or two.

Never hold a customer’s cigar above the band. This is the part they will put in their mouth.

Avoid scorching or blackening the sides of the cigar.

Torch or jet flame lighters are fine, but powerful so caution is advisable,

When using a jet flame hold the cigar still and move the flame slowly toward the foot, ensuring it does not scorch the wrapper.

Once the cigar is well lit, lay it in an ashtray with the band facing up, and the head towards the customer.

Always present the cigar in a clean ashtray.