How to Cut a Cigar?

Unless requested otherwise, always use a cutter that will provide a straight cut, such as cigar scissors or a guillotine.

The aim is to create an aperture broad enough to ensure an unobstructed draw while retaining enough of the cap to prevent the cigar unravelling.

Make the incision on the “shoulders” of the cigar (the curved or rounded area of the cigar where the cap meets the body). This will leave the bottom of the cap intact.

On figurados the cut should be about 3mm in from the pointed end.

Once you have the correct positioning, be firm and decisive when making the cut.

Cut the cigar as straight as possible for the sake of the appearance.

Never pierce the cap with a match, cocktail stick or a toothpick. This compresses the tobacco inside the cigar and impedes the draw. Also, the hole is very small so oil and tar may form around the edge. This can be bitter and unpleasant to taste.

Types of Cigar Cutters

  • Single or Double Bladed Guillotine – the most popular and also most easily available.
  • Cigar Scissors – the most formal equipment to use. Ideal for silver service.
  • Punch Cutter (Plug or Bullet Cutter) – these have a circular blade and cut a round hole out of the top of the cap. They cannot be used to cut figurados or double figurados.
  • V-Cutters – as long as the blade is sharp, can provide a good cut. Often used on figurados.